I am a JavaScript/PHP developer with expertise in React, Laravel, and WordPress. I have developed a few plugins for WordPress, and I have worked on many WooCommerce sites. I have 3.5 years of practical experience creating websites and web applications.
Note: There are very few links to the projects themselves since most of these projects were through contractors or are for my current employer.


Web Development Projects

  • Web application for contests – 10/2017 – current (04/2018)
    • Project role: web developer
    • Time spent: ongoing
    • Requirements.
      • Allow users to upload an image (and some information about the image) and pay for entering.
      • Capture user’s entry and payment information.
      • Display user’s entries on a gallery page.
    • I used Laravel/MySQL for the back end to save the user’s entry (the image and information).
    • On the front-end, I used React JS to display the entries and allow the users to enter their information.
    • For each new contest, many major changes were made to the application. The most recent contest required many new features (such as multiple templates to display different entry types and a back-end interface to allow editors to facilitate entries).
  • Responsive Hubspot Email – 03/21/2018
    • I quickly set up a responsive email in Hubspot using Hubspot’s drop and drop interface and its custom modules with no prior experience using Hubspot or creating email templates.
  • Victory Faith Church (www.victoryfaithchurchpa.com)- 09/03/2017
    • Project role: web developer
    • I developed this WordPress site from scratch using plain CSS, HTML, and PHP.
  • New York Co-working Space Website (Blog Post) – 03/10/2017
    • Project role: sole web developer
    • Total time spent: 20 hours
    • Accomplishments: learned a new WordPress theme (Coworking by Ancora Themes)
    • Created Popup Stripe Subscriptions Form (WordPress Plugin)
    • The client chose a WordPress theme (Ancora Themes Coworking), and I set it up. I created a plugin using Stripe to display popup subscription forms. I also added a popup video and popup contact form.
  • New Jersey Flowers (Website & WooCommerce Shop) – 02/10/2017
    • Project role: sole web developer
    • Total time spent: 19 hours
    • Accomplishments: learned how to use Stripe subscriptions, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, and a new WordPress theme: Wenro
    • I was the only developer working on this project. The previous developer bailed after working on it for a little bit. Most of his changes were negative and took a while to reverse. Most of the widgets on the front page were static HTML, but I replaced them with functional WooCommerce products and blog posts using custom PHP functions and short code. The other major addition to the website was a page with a Stripe button to subscribe to a product. All in all, it turned out okay.
  • Worship Leader’s Website Migration – 01/17/2017
    • Project role: sole web developer
    • I migrated a website from one server to another without access to the server. I used a backup plugin to download everything except the pictures which was too large to download. I created a custom PHP script to cycle the WordPress XML export file for media and download the pictures to their corresponding folder.
  • Scraping 1100 Blog Posts (Web Scraping) – 01/19/2017
    • I scraped 1100 blog posts from a website. I used a JavaScript tool called Cheerio on a NodeJS server to do it. I also used another JavaScript tool called Request.
  • Maintaining and Managing 60+ sites with MainWP & UpdraftPlus – 01/05/2017
    • I leveraged various plugins to create a website management solution
  • Home Construction (Website) – 10/03/2016
    • I modified a Genesis WordPress template to match a PSD, mainly using PHP and CSS. For the most part, the mods weren’t too dramatic. However, I did go all out on the header.
      I added special FX to buttons and icons using jQuery and CSS plugins.
    • Accomplishments: mainly improved my CSS skills and WordPress templating skills
  • Country Codes Search (WordPress Plugin) – 10/13/2016
    • I AJAX and PHP to get country codes from an API.
      I then used jQuery to attach the data to the HTML.
    • Accomplishments: improved jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress plugin development skills, learned Google API
  • Time Zone Search (WordPress Plugin) – 10/13/2016
    • Google’s Geocoder API and Time Zone API used to convert locations into coordinates and then to time zones.
      User input sent to server using AJAX and sent to Google’s Geocoder API using PHP. Response data (coordinates) sent to Google’s Time Zone API. Response data from Time Zone API returned to JS and HTML updated with jQuery.
  • Boat Parts Website (WordPress/WooCommerce Shop) – 11/01/2016
    • Project role: E-commerce developer
    • Total time spent: 46 hours
    • The normal e-commerce portion for this website was left up to me. I set up shipping with the official WooCommerce FedEx and USPS shipping plugins, attached all the images to the products, modified a WordPress plugin to display categories in a collapsible menu, created tutorials on how to use the website, and set up the payment gateway.
    • Synced WooCommerce product quantities with Clover using APIs – 05/17/2017 Link
  • WordPress E-commerce Website: Educational – 12/03/2016
    • Project role: E-commerce/WooCommerce and front end developer.
    • This was a simple WooCommerce setup using a plugin called WP All Import to import some products. The WP All Import template which determines the structure of the products was created. I spent more time working on the front page and shop page design.
  • Simple Popup Content (WordPress Plugin) – 01/14/2017
    • Created plugin that lets you add content to a popup and have it popup on any page.
  • Shoe Store (eCommerce WooCommerce Shop) – 11/01/2016
    • Project role: eCommerce/WooCommerce developer
    • Total time spent: 72 hours
    • Complex WooCommerce set up. I was given an Excel sheet with about 100 products. Each product had multiple sizes, colors, and images. I used MySQL to create the complicated Excel import sheet for WP All Import. I created 16 code snippets and had to add twelve plugins to get this e-commerce site to work. In end, 100 products became 650, and a total of 4000 images were attached.
    • Accomplishments: improved understanding of E-commerce in general and many WordPress plugins: WooCommerce, WP All Import, and 9 others
  • Auto/Tire Shop (Website) – 10/21/2016
    • PHP and CSS used to create three responsive templates from PSDs (front page, tires page and tires single page). Slider and custom PHP plugin added to home page template. Custom plugin used to display different testimonial on refresh.
      Two simple templates created from PDFs using PHP and CSS (Michelin and Goodrich).
    • Accomplishments: improved basic HTML and CSS skills.
  • Surf Conditions (WordPress Plugin) – 11/28/2016
    • Surf Conditions plugin used AJAX to increase perceived load speed by appending response data from API once data received. CSS was used to style the plugin. Plugin published to the WordPress plugin repository.
  • WordPress Plugin: Fully Custom Calendar Populated by API – 07/20/2016
    • I modified and refactored a jQuery calendar to accept JSON-format calendar events from Mobile Town Guide’s API, and I integrated a second jQuery plugin called Vex Modals to display calendar events in a popup on click. The API developer was notified of a bug in the API which he fixed. Once everything was working properly, I packaged all the components into a WordPress plugin.
    • Accomplishments: improved JavaScript skills by refactoring jQuery calendar (1000 lines of JS) and populating it with JSON events from a URL and learned moment.js.
  • WordPress E-commerce Website: Bull Listing
    • Complex website to list bulls. Each bull needed to have eleven different attributes, and each attribute had to be added as either a taxonomy, a non-searchable attribute, or a custom field and non-searchable attribute. Each attribute was added in such a way to work with the plugin called Search & Filter to allow users to search for and filter bulls based on birth, weight, etc.
    • Accomplishments: further understood the following complex WordPress plugins: WooCommerce plugin, Search & Filter, and WP All Import.